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Devils in Danger by Samantha Wheeler

If you're an animal lover then Devils in Danger by Samantha Wheeler is the book for you.

What could be making blood-curdling, screechy screams in the dead of night and leaving mysterious paw prints in Killarney's yard? 

Curiosity gets the better of Killarney. When she investigates the loose floorboards in the kitchen, Killarney finds recently missing items of clothing. With help from April a wildlife zoologist, they discover the culprit is a recently released wild Tasmanian devil called Fern who is denning under the house with her two imps. 

Killarney wants to protect Fern and give her little family a safe place to live, but not everyone at Dodges Ferry is happy about Tasmanian devils in their community. Killarney, struggles with reading and writing at school, but is encouraged by April to keep a journal about her precious visitors. Killarney even begins researching Tasmanian devils and soon knows she has to do something to protect this endangered species losing its natural habitat and being forced to live closer to humans. 

I thought of our little devil, her fur shining and whiskers twitching as she pottered around our backyard. She didn't deserve all the rumours. The angry notes. The nastiness.

How can Killarney convince her town that Tasmanian devils are worth saving? They might look fierce and have powerful jaws, but Tasmanian devils aren't dangerous. They are quite shy and can be beneficial to the community. Killarney will need perseverance and ingenuity to change the negative views of some her friends and her mum's clients. 

"When people care about about something, really care, then they're much more likely to help."

After reading Devils in Danger you will find Killarney's Scientific Journal at the back filled with interesting facts, useful websites and ways to help our Tasmanian devils.

Thank you for the copy of this book to review UQP

Samantha has also written Turtle Trackers and Wombat Warriors

Happy reading!  

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